I had such a great job searching experience thanks to CPI! Within 3 weeks of posting my resume online and getting in touch with them, I had a job offer. They paid close attention to which types of positions I was looking for, and only presented me with those that matched! CPI gave very detailed information upfront regarding each job and the companies, and made sure that I also felt it was a good fit and something I would be comfortable interviewing for. They were very quick about scheduling interviews, and were so helpful beforehand regarding prepping for the interviews, and providing detailed information about driving directions, parking, etc. They definitely set me up for success! Lastly, CPI did an excellent job gathering feedback from the employers I interviewed with, and were always extremely responsive to any follow up questions or concerns I had. They alleviated so much pressure by handling all of the details, and allowing me to focus on simply putting my best foot forward in each interview. I would highly recommend using CPI during your job search! 

Kate H, Placed Candidate