Things I Learned at Recruiter Conference #17

I’m going to pretend that is hasn’t been forever since my last post and jump right in! After the Recruiting Conference I attended today at Best Buy Headquarters, hosted by MN Headhunter Paul Debettignies & the Minnesota Recruiters Group, my obsession for posting, tweeting, blogging, etc is renewed. I want to review my favorite parts of today’s presentations to share with any recruiters who missed it or for anyone who might be curious what happens at a “recruiter conference.”

First we heard from Maren Hogan, Chief Marketing Brain at Red Branch Media. She gave a great presentation on Building a Talent Community. One of my favorite points she made was that in the social and online communities where all of this Talent hangs out, “Content is no longer king; Conversation is king.” Which basically is saying that if you are not being interesting, if you are not creating conversation, you will not attract people to you. This makes so much sense because people are flooded with so much information everywhere they go now. Maren suggests that in order to get attention you shouldn’t throw info at the talented people you seek, you need to find out their interests and start conversations based on those interests- EVEN if it doesn’t relate directly to you and your company specifically!

Next, David Gee, Founder/Principal of 3 Second Selling, spoke about “3 Second Selling”. I was hoping he was going to teach me some magic words that I could say in the span of 3 seconds that would make people stop and be amazed with my awesomeness, but instead he shared 3 points to remember when you are selling to someone. Those points are: #1-Know thyself: Know who are and don’t be afraid to show your personality with your audience. Be real. #2- Know your audience: Understand who they are and what they’re looking for, and #3-Know what you want: Know your goals before you start talking and stay focused. David also shared some funny moments in his life when he did not use his 3 steps and how badly those conversations turned out. I’m still not sure where the 3 seconds come in, but he was an engaging speaker.

The final speaker was Paul Debettignies, who I had heard speak before and is always fun to hear talk about Social Media. He has great tips on how to use social media effectively without spending your whole day attached to the computer screen, but still be able to network and make connections that are relevant to your job. Both he and Maren shared the view that the content that you share online and in your social media avenues does not always have to be job/company related when you are trying to attract people to your company or network. You are still human and you need to show that you are a real person by posting “random pictures of the moon” on Facebook sometimes or by talking smack about the Badgers on Twitter (when they beat the Gophers:) …Sorry Paul, I’m a Badger!).

Overall, it was an informational and entertaining conference that I took some good knowledge from. If you are in recruiting or HR, curious about the industry, or need help finding a job I highly recommend checking out the Minnesota Recruiters website where they have tons of information on the recruiting industry.

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