Why Your Parents Can’t Help You Job Search

Of course, we all still go to our parents for advice. A lot of parents are a great resource when it comes to the business world, or at the very least, they want what’s best for you, so their advice is always coming from a good place. The type of “help” we are referring to are the phone calls, resume submissions and any “help” that can be seen by the employer. To most people this is a no-brainer, but I wouldn’t be writing this if we didn’t have Moms and Dads calling for their sons and daughters to gather information or ask about our current marketing positions:)

The main reason why parents do more harm than help when they take action in your job search is it reflects badly on your initiative. Overall, it shows a lack of motivation and interest in your own career. Companies want to see candidates that are resourceful and willing to do creative things to get them in the door for an interview. Having mom call the HR manager is not one of those things.

What parents CAN do to help (if they want to):

Check and double check your resume for spelling and grammatical errors. One mistake can be the difference between an interview and your resume going to the recycle bin.

Give you names/numbers of their contacts in the business world. Networking is the best way to get your foot in the door with a company so use who you know and even who your parents know to do that. Just make sure that you are the one that contacts the connection directly and that YOU coordinate the meeting/phone call.

Be your second set of eyes and ears. Maybe it’s your parents that are desperate to help and trying to help more than needed. Ask them to let you know what they see and hear in the job market. (Warning: if your mom is like mine, she may have your inbox full of job links by the end of the day!)

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